Coming from a large, loud family – being smack in the middle of the pack – I grew up in chaos.

I recognized early on the need to pull back. I used to hide in a closet and draw or play chess with my older brother. This gave me the ability to connect with myself.

Once I came back to that inner connection, I was ready to engage with the people around me in a more solid and real way.

I didn’t have words for it then – I just felt it and knew it.

This is when I first learned the value of body speak and heart speakthe power of quiet.


Underneath the bully voices of constant mind chatter is the tenderness of heart speak/soul.

This is where kindness and connection reside.

This is where – when I give myself time – I recognize the old narratives and stories that want to show up and judge and sabotage.

It is here that we either continue to break and worry and get stuck, or choose to hear the sweet sounds of ever present compassion and love.

Ours is a culture of disembodiment.

Feeling emotion or sensation is scary. Foreign.

We don’t know how to be present.

The first way in is through awareness of sensation in the body.

The first time I practiced Yoga Nidra, I experienced a depth of inner connection that was indescribable. The emotional release and after effects were extremely powerful. 

It felt like coming home. 

My passion is bringing people home to themselves.

Cultivating awareness of unhealthy patterns and literally developing new neural pathways, through somatic movement, breath and meditation.

Accessing their individual healing potential.

 I've dedicated my own practice and my work to exploring these quiet places.

My approach bridges a knowledge of Eastern and Western healing practices, pairing ancient mysticism and modern neuroscience. My students and clients are able to develop a toolbox of practices that are always with them, ready to guide them home to insight and healing.   

I am forever in awe of the resiliency and ability of the human body and spirit to heal.  

The voice of your soul is waiting for you.

Get quiet. You'll hear it.


Professional Bio

Sheila Cullen is Canada’s Senior Yoga Nidra instructor and teacher. She is based in Toronto, Ontario. Her work explores the power of quiet in movement, yoga and meditation. She offers classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training in Toronto and around the world.

Sheila's work integrates Eastern and Western approaches to healing, bridging ancient mysticism and modern neuroscience for healing and wellness. She has a background in both science and the arts, and also works as a respiratory therapist at a large urban trauma centre.

 Sheila has been practicing, studying and teaching Yoga Nidra for over a 15 years, and has been living and practicing yoga for over 25 years. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and has studied Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra extensively. Her teachers include Nischala Joy Devi (Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and Cancer Care Yoga Nidra), Rod Stryker and Jennifer Reis. 

From the depth of her own personal practice and study, Sheila creates a compassionate atmosphere that nourishes the bodies, minds, hearts and spirits of her students. Her manifest is to spread the philosophy of Radical Rest in a world that validates “Busy”.